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Enable Auto assign for Individual in a Team

This article explains enabling auto assign through Admin console.
However, there is an easier way to use this feature, through General Settings under Ops Manager Admin on Flowtime. For details refer Modify General Settings in Cora OpsManager article.

By default, the case created in Cora OpsManager is shown in all team members' list. However, if you want to use some logic to assign case to an individual, you need to use the Auto assign feature. With Auto assign, the system allows you to create an auto-assign process that will return in the end the User ID that should get the case. 

The OOTB auto assign logic assigns the case to the least busy person in the team.

To enable Auto assign, 

  1. On the Administration console, go to Administration > Lookup Tables > ICM Data Model > PlatformConfig.
  2. Edit the existing record.
  3. Select the Auto Assign Indexing check box, if you want only specific user to do indexing.
  4. Select the Auto Assign Processing check box, if you want only specific user to handle or process the case.

To disable Auto assign, clear both the auto assign check boxes.

Create new logic for Auto assign:

  1. On the Administration console, go to Workflows > OpsCenter, and create a copy of ICM Auto Assign Case.
  2. Apply your logic in the Assign user ID activity, or add more activities.
  3. Do not edit or delete the Web service input activity.
  4. Do not delete (but, you can edit) the Web service output assigned.
  5. Paste the workflow  space ID in the “auto assign indexing workspace id” or “auto assign processing workspace id” (in the PlatformConfig lookup).

If you use the auto assign, do not use “return to team” action in your set configuration action.

Auto assign failure

If auto assign fails to calculate the user ID, the case may go either to all the team members, or to the unassigned queue. This depends on the definition in the PlatformConfig.

To send the case to unassigned (in case of auto assign failure), select the "If indexing Auto Assign Fails move to unassigned" and "If Processing Auto Assign Fails move to unassigned" check boxes.

To send the case to all the teams, clear the above check boxes.