File Writer Activity


The File Writer Activity takes data from Sequence and creates files, storing them in the Sequence activity. There are several file type options, each of which has a unique set of configuration settings. This activity supports file zipping.

Use Cases

  • Create a spreadsheet of all support tickets with a designated severity level.
  • Create a file from large, unstructured data that you import to Sequence.
  • Create a file and use it as an attachment in File Transfer Activities.
  • File enrichment.

Wizard Tips

  • PDF: Source data can be a URL or an HTML string. The data from the data source is converted to PDF output.
  • CSV, DML, Excel (OpenXML), XmlDocument: Record-based files in which the query returns a data set, and that data is written to the file. For certain file types, you must select a field separator.
  • TXT: Takes the string expression from the source query and write it to a TXT file.
  • Attachment: Gets a byte array from a service and creates it as a file in Sequence, which you can consume in an email attachment or form attachment.