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Go To Activity Overview


The Go To Activity enables you to run an unstructured workflow by jumping to another section of a workflow, based on input received from an activity that was executed earlier in the workflow. This activity is helpful in workflows that operate as state machines, in which the flow moves from one state to another state, and have to jump between activities or containers.


  • Reduce the number of physical connectors (links) used in complex workflows.
  • Connect to an activity that sits within a container.

Important Notes

  • When you use the Go To Activity instead of using direct links, you lose some visibility to the workflow's logic.
  • Subsequent activities that are connected (linked) to the Go To Activity are not executed.

Use Cases

  • In a loan origination workflow, you collect the applicant's information from a user-filled form, a criminal background check, and a credit score check. Depending on the results of these information sources, you can jump to the relevant section of the workflow. For example, let's say you have three possible options depending on the credit score: Approval Phase, Fraud Investigation, and Rejection. You can jump the workflow to any of these workflow stages depending on the credit score.
  • You can direct the workflow to an activity that sits within container.
  • In a workflow that includes a QA section, depending on the results of the QA testing, you can jump back to any previous section of the workflow.

Go To Activity in a Workflow

To use the Go To Activity in a workflow, you need an incoming link to the activity, and then define the destination activity based on an expression.

In this example, if the service request was rejected, the workflow jumps to the Notify Case Rejected message.

Define the target activity using an expression