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Installing DB Scripts for Cora SeQuence V9.0


You set up the Cora SeQuence database using scripts.

Before you begin

Before you install the DB scripts, make sure that:

 The SQL server is setup.

Available DB scripts

01 - Create Database.sqlCreates the database and sets its properties.
This script runs only on supported versions and editions of the SQL server.
Default database name: CoraSeQuence
02 - Create Objects.sqlCreates all the database objects: schemas, stored procedures, tables, and functions, among other objects.
03 - Insert Data.sqlInserts all the “template” data required for Cora SeQuence to work properly.
Install HotOperations.sqlInstalls Hot Operations components.
Required for the Cora SeQuence Premium version, which includes HotOperations. 

Install the DB scripts

  1. Download the DB Scripts.
  2. Run the following scripts:
    • 01 - Create Database.sql
    • 02 - Create Objects.sql
    • 03 - Insert Data.sql
  3. For Premium versions, also run this script: Install HotOperations.sql

Database files are installed in default locations, as configured on the SQL server. If required, after installation, you can move the files using the standard procedure.

Change database name

The default database name is CoraSeQuence. If required, you can change the name of your database. 

Perfom the following procedure before you run the script: 01 - Create Database.sql 

  1. Open the script 01 - Create Database.sql, and run Find/Replace:
    • Find: CoraSeQuence
    • Replace: the new database name

Next steps

To continue deploying Cora SeQuence, do one of the following: