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Ops Manager Overview

Ops Manager is a case management solution for managing operational requests. These requests could be a case, an issue, or a query raised internally or externally by customers, employees or vendors. 

It offers multi-channel support thus making it easy for the requester to create a case through email, organization portal, or bulk upload.

Benefits of Ops Manager

  • Provides flexibility to handle different types of requests. 
    • Have selective steps in the handling process
    • Have different actions for each request type
  • Provides visibility on the status of the request.
    • Interactive request list (with easy export “view only” to Excel)
    • Dashboards
    • Reports
  • Enables flexible allocation of requests and tasks based on business rules.
  • Provides easy and quick implementation.
  • Supports easy configuration and customization for business users. For example, creating new categories, adding new request types, and updating rules.
  • Supports predictive analytics and high performance 

How Ops Manager Works

In Ops Manager, requests are raised as Cases by the Operators, and these cases are then allocated to different departments (teams) based on the line of business. The case allocations are done automatically by applying intelligent business rules or a Team Leader can dynamically assign work to team members (operators). Each case is then processed and worked upon by the operators. 


Flowtime is the end user portal for Ops Manager. It enables the end users to manage processes and requests, and could be configured for different roles. The users can raise requests, work on the raised requests, and access intelligent analytics on Flowtime.