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Configure Background Runtime Service (BRS)
Learn how to configure BRS for your Cora SeQuence environment.
Database Structure
This is an overview of the Cora SeQuence database for reporting purposes. This information focuses on the major tables and fields, it is not exhaustive.
Multilingual Configuration
Cora SeQuence supports multiple languages. You can configure a Flowtime environment in any supported language. Multilingual support enables you to translate the several metadata values.
OData Protocol Guide
Learn how to use the OData protocol to access Cora SeQuence data from client technologies.
Cora SeQuence Maintenance Guide
Use these best practices to maintain a healthy Cora SeQuence environment.
Best Practices for Monitoring Cora SeQuence Environment
Monitoring on-premises Cora SeQuence Server deployments is an important part of keeping them running smoothly, especially for large enterprise deployments. Good monitoring can help administrators avoid issues before they affect end users, as well...