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Add Custom Action

Cora OpsManager allows you to create new actions as per need. These actions are referred to as custom actions. You can create custom actions only if you are from the product team.

To add custom actions:

  1. Create your new action workflow. 
    We recommend to do it by duplicating one of the existing actions found on Admin console, Workflows > OpsCenter > Actions.
  2. To display a pop-up before performing the custom action, create a workflow that will hold the dialog view.
  3. Create and open a form activity.
  4. Name the View created.
  5. In the beginning of the form, add the below code:
    <%@ Control %>
    <sq8:SubView runat="server" ID="svICMScripts" VirtualPath="../../../ICM Forms/{active}/ICMScripts/DefaultView.ascx"></sq8:SubView>
    <sq8:SubView runat="server" ID="svClientCode" VirtualPath="../../../ICM Forms/{active}/ICM Case Dialog/vwClientCode.ascx"></sq8:SubView>
      var popupDataIsSaved=false;
      var msgGuid;
      var prm = Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance();
        if (prm != null) {
            prm.add_endRequest(function (sender, e) {
                if (sender._postBackSettings.panelsToUpdate != null) {
                      var owind = GetRadWindow();
                      if (owind && owind.Argument && owind.Argument.callback) {
                          var sourceArgs = owind.Argument;
                    var cs = new ActionEntity.initial(sourceArgs.actionName, sourceArgs.actionId, false, true, false, false, 0, "", "", true, "", msgGuid);
                 OnPopupSubmit(cs, false, null);
    To have reason combo box, copy and adjust this section from one of the OOTB actions dialog that exists in ICM Forms > ICM Case Dialog.

  6. Go to Administration > Lookup Tables > ICM Data Model > Actions.
  7. Add a new record, and add the following details:
    • Action name
    • Text
    • Validation group:  to validate required fields.
    • Dialog name: Name of the View
    • Workspace guid: the workspace guid of the custom action.
    • Display for config set: to display this action in the config set actions menu.
    • Manage reasons : to allow the user to pick reason for performing this action (the reasons should be added on the config set page).
    • Dialog path: full path for the dialog view (if created in the step 2 above).
Disclaimer: Consult the product team before implementing new action in your project.