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Working with Dynamic Tasks

You can only add dynamic tasks to HotOperations solutions. Dynamic tasks are the same as normal tasks, except that any user in the solution can retrieve dynamic tasks from the solution's resource group.

IMPORTANT: This task requires a HotOperations license.

To add a dynamic task to a workflow, in the Activities section click Dynamic Task, and complete the form wizard.

After you create the form, you can define and edit additional parameters for the dynamic task. For each parameter, you can define properties and roles.

Dynamic Tasks Parameters
Due Date
The task's due date. You can base this on an expression.
The estimated number of working hours to complete the task. You should make this an integer, and can base it on an expression.
The users roles with permission to retrieve the dynamic task.
The task's subject line that displays in the users' inboxes. You can base this on an expression.
There is a 255 character limit. If the Subject is more than 255 characters, trim the subject using the left expression.