Create a Dashboard

v8.3 and later


  • Create a dashboard suite.
  • Add the relevant queries to your data model.


  1. In the Dashboard Suite canvas, click the Dashboards tab > New > Edit Details.
  2. Complete the dashboard wizard.



  • Drill Down: concatenate the process page that filters by the defined values.
  • Example: http://{}/ProcessRecords.aspx?workflowSpaceId=09132f64-8d34-43a4-adcc-b842116e1c4c&ft&Customer=eq({fldCustomer})


  • This section is only populated if the data query you selected contains filters.
  • Only In parameters display.
  • A common filter is the Rt.CurrentUser() parameter.


  • Only available when you select a lookup table as the data source.


  • Use the advanced options to define formatting in JSON. The JSON formatting overrides the basic formatting. 

Note: You can click-and-drag a dashboard beyond the tiles that appear on the canvas by default. The dashboard is responsive and automatically adjusts to the display, but there is no absolute position.

JSON Example: Doughnut Chart

For more information about editing the JSON for dashboard tiles, see the FusionCharts documentation.

"chart": {
"caption": "Split of Revenue by Product Categories",
"subCaption": "Last year",
"numberPrefix": "$",
"paletteColors": "#0075c2,#1aaf5d,#f2c500,#f45b00,#8e0000,#34495E,#8E44AD,#AED6F1,#F0B27A,#B2BABB,#2471A3" ,
"bgColor": "#ffffff",
"showBorder": "0",
"use3DLighting": "0",
"showShadow": "0",
"enableSmartLabels": "0",
"startingAngle": "310",
"showLabels": "1",
"showPercentValues": "1",
"showLegend": "1",
"legendShadow": "0",
"legendBorderAlpha": "0",
"defaultCenterLabel": "Total revenue: $64.08K",
"centerLabel": "Revenue from $label: $value",
"centerLabelBold": "1",
"showTooltip": "1",
"decimals": "0",
"captionFontSize": "14",
"subcaptionFontSize": "14",
"subcaptionFontBold": "0",
"useDataPlotColorForLabels": "1"}