Create a HotOperations Solution


HotOperations solutions include additional, unique elements, which form the basis of a case management and work optimization application. In addition to the artifacts included in generic solutions, HotOperations solutions include the following elements. 

With your business analyst team, create a high-level model of the case in App Studio. Verify that the high-level model reflects the organization's goals for successfully resolving the case. We recommend modeling in workshops with stakeholders, including operations managers, department heads, and management.

Solution Elements

Resource management
A reference to a group in the organization structure. For this group, you can allocate the solution's cases and tasks.
Smart allocation plan
A set of rules for automatic work allocation.
Case effort
Estimated number of working hours it will take to complete a task. This affects all dashboards and calculations.

Solution Variables

When you add a master workflow to a HotOperations solution, automatically adds a set of variables that are necessary for the solution to run successfully. The variables are added to the workflow as local variables, unless they are already defined as global variables, in which case they are added as global variables. You must check out the master workflow for the operation to succeed. Do not delete these variables. You can update their values as needed.

Case Effort
Due Date
Case Title

Solution Wizard

In the Administration site, right-click Solutions and select Create New Solution.

Select HotOperations Solution, type a name for the solution, and click Create.

Create or select a master workflow, and click Next.

Enter an estimation for the case effort, and click Next.

Select a root group for the solution, and click Next.


Create rules for case allocation.

Select a solution container, and click Finish

The container defines the solution dashboards.


The solution is now available in the Solution navigation tree.

What to do next

View the solution dashboard and the common tasks for solutions and master workflows.

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