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PowerShell Module: CoraSeQuence


The CoraSQuence module includes general functions required to deploy the application.

Function nameDescription
Retrieves the current Cora SeQuence case search configuration.
Returned values: status (enabled, disabled) and number of results.
Install-CoraSeQuenceApplication Deploys the application on the server.
This function runs additional functions, such as Test-CoraSeQuenceCompatibility. 
Install-CoraSeQuencePrerequisitesAttempts to install missing prerequisite software and roles and privileges. 
Creates a Cora SeQuence deployment package.
Register-CoraSeQuenceEventLogCreates an event log so that the applications can write to it.
Does not require any parameter.
Register-CoraSeQuencePerformanceCountersRegisters the Cora SeQuence performance counters and categories in the operating system.
Set-CoraSeQuenceConnectionStringSets the connection string to the database for all the applications deployed on the server in the Administration Web.config.
Configures the Cora SeQuence Hot Operations case search capability.
Test-CoraSeQuenceCompatibilityChecks if the prerequisite software is installed on the server.

Get a list of all functions related to a module

  1. On PowerShell, run Get-Command -Module CoraSeQuence* | sort Source

Get help on functions

All functions in the Cora SeQuence PowerShell modules contain built-in help. 

To get help on a specific function:

  1. Run Get-Help <FunctionName>