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Important Terminology

Cora SeQuence V9.0 introduces several new terms. Make sure that you are familiar with these terms before you install or deploy applications.

Application kind
Site or Service
Application type
Administration, Flowtime, ADSS, BRS, JES
Assembly of a Cora SeQuence application built from a list of selected modules . The result of a "build" is a Cora SeQuence Application package.
Build machine
A computer—typically a PC, but can be a server, used to build Cora SeQuence applications.
Cora SeQuence application
An application that delivers Cora SeQuence functionality. There are five types of application: Administration, Flowtime, ADSS, BRS, and JES.
Cora SeQuence Application package
ZIP file that includes application files and folders required for the Cora SeQuence application.
Cora SeQuence Deployment package
ZIP file that contains:
  • A Cora SeQuence Application package.
  • An XML metadata file describing the Cora SeQuence Application package.
  • OPTIONAL: a scripts folder with two files:
    • preinstall.ps1 : a custom PowerShell script to be executed before the Cora SeQuence Application package is installed.
    • postinstall.ps1: a custom PowerShell script to be executed after the Cora SeQuence Application package is installed.
Cora SeQuence module
A collection of universal packages—NuGets— that delivers basic Cora SeQuence functionality.
Cora SeQuence SDK Tools
Installation package that includes the following elements:
  • PowerShell Modules
  • Cora SeQuence NuGet packages
  • VSIX (Visual Studio extension) that installs Cora SeQuence project templates
Deployment process
The action of setting up an instance of a Cora SeQuence application on a target server.
PowerShell function
Collection of code required to perform specific deployment actions, such as install applications, set authentication, or get service GUID.
PowerShell module
Unit that includes all correlated PowerShell functions.
For more details, see this page.
Project templateVisual Studio template for building a Cora SeQuence application.