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 HotOperations Overview
Use HotOperations allocate work in real-time, and view the impact of each allocation in real-time. HotOperations requires a separate license.
HotOperations Portal - Operations Manager
The Operations Manager uses the HotOperations portal to allocate work between teams.
HotOperations Portal - Team Leader
The Team Leader uses the HotOperations portal to allocate tasks for their team. For the Team Leader, the HotOperations portal includes several sub-pages.
Customize HotOperations Board Displays
There are several HotOperations board properties that you can hide from runtime display: Workload and Cost Per Person.
Customize HotOperations
You can customize HotOperations tiles and default page.
Configuring Elasticsearch Service
Configure the Case Search and Change Tracking in the database.
Setting Up Search for a Hot Operations Solution
Set up Case Search for a Hot Operations solution.