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Manage Cases as Team Leader

The way to manage cases can be different for different roles in Cora OpsManager. 

To manage cases, go to Flowtime > Ops Manager > Ops Manager Home. The Ops Manager Home page appears with Manage Cases section asking for role selection (Operations Manager, Team Leader, or Team Member).

Manage case as Team Leader

Click Team Leader under Manage Cases section. You will see team Dashboard by default.

You may navigate to other tabs from the top menu. The available options are:

  • Dashboard
  • Work Assignment 
  • Task List

Team leader dashboard

A dashboard helps you to keep track of the metrics and analyze case progress. It displays the data in form of tables, graphs, bar charts and line charts based on the way they have been configured. It offers real time monitoring of data thus saving your time.
You can save the dashboard data to your system in form of reports to view later. Some of the dashboards also provide real time data filters. All this is configured at the time of dashboard creation.

All dashboard objects are filtered by the Start Date, End Date, and Team filters except those with “Current” in their titles (which are not filtered by dates). The default date range is the current month.

Some of the objects have drill down report. When you hover on the “i” icon next to the object, the tooltip info gives the description of the object, and mentions if the object has a drill down report or not.

In order to access the drill down report, click on the relevant section, and the drill down report will open in a new tab or window.

For the list of available Out of the box dashboards for Team Leader see OOTB Dashboards for Team Leader article.

Work assignment

On this tab, you will be able to see all the cases allocated to your team. There is one section each for the team members displaying the respective cases assigned to them, and one section displaying the list of unassigned cases. 

For each case, you can see the Subject, Case ID, and Target Date.

If the case background is grey, it means that a team member has already fetched it, and if the case background is white, it means that the case has not yet been fetched.

You can drag and drop the white background cases from one team member to another.

Click the more options icon (three dots) to display context menu with the following options:

  • Close As Spam - to close the case.
  • Reassign Task to Role - to assign the case to another role.
  • Reassign Task to Employee - to assign the case to another team member.
  • Reset Assignment - to return case to all the associates in team 
  • Return task - to take the fetched case from the team member, and return it to make it available for the entire team to fetch.

Team Leader Tasks List

On this tab, you will see the list of all the cases allocated to your team(s). You can choose the team for which you want to view the task lists.

The task grid is divided into five sections, based on status:

  • Open - shows the list of open tasks for the selected team.
  • Assigned - shows the list of tasks assigned to a specific member of the selected team.
  • Unassigned - shows the list of tasks unassigned for the selected team.
  • In Progress - shows the list of tasks fetched by a specific member of the selected team.
  • Completed - shows the list of tasks already completed by your selected team. For example, if a new case comes in, and a team member perform indexing of task, this task will be presented in completed tab, and also will be presented in Open tab, as now the team has to work on the case.

The filter and other options for task lists are same as explained in the Manage Cases as Team Member article.

An envelope is displayed against each case ID in the grid, on creation of a new case, and on receiving a new email for a case. The envelope icon with red dot  depicts the email as unread. The envelop turns off  once you open the case.

You can also click the envelope icon to mark it read or unread without opening the case. The read or unread of an email is not user specific. An email if marked as read by one user will be displayed as read for all the users.