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Define Workflow Stages


It is common for organizational processes to have distinct process stages. Defining workflow stages helps end users understand what is required to move to the next stage of the process. There are two parts to workflow stages.

  1. Define the stages.
  2. Use the Set Stage Activity in the relevant place in the workflow.

Use Cases

A mortgage approval process might include several stages, each of which is a separate workflow.

  • Application
  • Credit check
  • Background check
  • Approval

Wizard Tips

  • To start the wizard, in the App Studio, from the Properties panel, click the three dot button next to Stage Set.
  • You can enter the stage's percentage, which indicates the completion percentage of a case in a HotOperations solution. The percentage displays for each case in the HotOperations work allocation board.
  • To see the stages in the Flowtime process instance page, you must select the Show workflow stage bar in process instance page check box. 
  • You can configure the location of a workflow stage display, for example, up, down, or inline, in the workflow explorer configuration.