Welcome to the PNMsoft Knowledge Center! Learn how to model, build, execute, and manage dynamic workflows. You can still access the old Members Site at omembers.pnmsoft.com.


How to manage your Cora SeQuence environment using the administration console and Flowtime.


How to build dynamic workflows, implement workflow activities, controls, and expressions.


Videos, webinars, and presentations that explain dynamic workflows, BPM case studies, and more.

Tips & Troubleshooting

Common issues with solutions and workarounds, and best practices.


Use the public API to extend Cora SeQuence functionality by integrating with your systems.

User Guides

Installation, Configuration, and Administration guides for Cora SeQuence and Flowtime.

Product Updates

Download product updates. For major releases, such as 7.x, 8.x, navigate to omembers.pnmsoft.com.

Release Notes

New features, product fixes and enhancements, and important announcements.