Handle Running Processes

Administrators use the Handle Running Processes feature to view, delete, abort, or force resume processes that encountered issues. When you run the Handle Running Processes wizard, you can select to debug the processes.

To access the Handle Running Processes wizard, navigate to Administration > Control and Monitor > Handle Running Processes.

Note: This feature requires Global Administrator privileges.

Wizard Tips

Processes Type
Stalled processes due to failure
Processes that contain an activity that failed. An activity whose result is failed, and does not have other instance activity that has this activity as its source activity.
Abandonded Processes
Processes that were not updated in the previous six months. You can reset the default value of six months to a different time period by setting the And field of the Updated Between option.
Compensated Processes
Processes that contain a compensated activity.
Stalled Processes due to unassigned tasks
Processes that stalled because they contain tasks that are not assigned to a user.