Numeric Textbox Control Code Examples

Number Format

Format numeric values in detail.

<sq: NumericTextBox ShowSpinButtons="True" Type="Currency" Width="200px" ID="NumericTextBox1"

                runat="server" Culture="Bulgarian (Bulgaria)" InvalidStyleDuration="100">

                <NumberFormat AllowRounding="True" KeepNotRoundedValue="False" />

</sq: NumericTextBox>

Increment Controls

Enables users to increase or decrease the value of the numeric text box using the arrow keys, mouse wheel, or spin buttons.

<sq:NumericTextBox ShowSpinButtons="True" Value="2555666.65" Type="Currency"
                ID="NumericTextBox3" runat="server" Culture="Bulgarian (Bulgaria)" InvalidStyleDuration="100"
                <NumberFormat AllowRounding="True" KeepNotRoundedValue="False" />
</sq: NumericTextBox>

Remove Decimals Places

Removes decimal places in a numeric text box.

<sq:NumericTextBox runat="server" DataType="System.Int32" ID="txtNAP" MaxLength="9" Width="65px" AutoCompleteType="Disabled">
<NumberFormat DecimalDigits="0" GroupSeparator=""></NumberFormat>

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