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Merge Cases in Cora OpsManager

In Cora OpsManager, you can merge two or more related cases to one case, which is considered as the Parent case. 

To merge two or more cases, follow the steps below:

  1. On the task list, select the check box against the cases you want to merge. A Merge Cases option appears on the menu above the task list grid.
  2. Click Merge Cases.
  3. On Merge Cases pop-up window, select the radio button for the case you want to keep as Parent Case.

    The Merge Case window displays only the list of cases selected on the last viewed page.

  4. Add comments, and click Merge Cases.

A confirmation message appears.

The merged cases are closed as individual cases, and the case status changes to Rejected after merging. If any emails are sent to the merged cases, these emails are attached to the Parent case, and appear under the Conversations tab.

These cases are visible on the Parent Case details page on the Linked Cases tab. The Conversations tab of Parent Case displays the conversations of all the merged cases as well.

Cora OpsManager allows merging of maximum 20 cases at a time. All the 20 cases must be selected from the same page of the task list.