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Manage Cases as Team Member

The way to manage cases can be different for different roles in Cora OpsManager. 

To manage cases, go to Flowtime > Ops Manager > Ops Manager Home. The Ops Manager Home page appears with Manage Cases section asking for role selection (Operations Manager, Team Leader, or Team Member).

Manage cases as Team Member

As a Team Member, you can manage cases by resolving and closing the cases assigned to you. Navigate to Ops Manager Home, and click Team Member under Manage Cases section. You will see your tasks list displayed.

The grid is divided into three sections:

  • Assigned to Me – displays the list of tasks assigned to you.
  • In Progress – displays the list of tasks you are working on.
  • Completed – displays the list of tasks that are already completed by you. For example, if a new case comes in, and you perform indexing on it, this task will be presented under completed tab, and you could see the case number under Assigned to Me tab.

You can filter or sort the list by these parameters:

  • Case ID
  • Priority
  • Target Date
  • Created
  • From 
  • Subject
  • Case Status
  • Case Category
  • Case Type
  • Case Sub-Type
  • Country

These are the default columns in the grid. Based on the project, other columns can be presented.

An envelope is displayed against each case ID in the grid, on creation of a new case, and on receiving a new email for a case. The envelope icon with red dot  depicts the email as unread. The envelop turns off  once you open the case.

You can also click the envelope icon to mark it read or unread without opening the case. The read or unread of an email is not user specific. An email if marked as read by one user will be displayed as read for all the users.

If you select the check box on the left side of the grid for a task, you will see a menu where you can:

  • Fetch Tasks - to fetch a task for you.
  • Return Tasks - to return the task to unassigned list.
  • Close As Spam - to close a case as Spam.
  • Merge Cases - to merge two or more selected cases.

If you click on the ellipsis (...) you will see context menu with these options:

  • Open and Fetch - to open and fetch the task directly.
  • Open - to open the task for you.
  • Fetch Task - to fetch the task by the user.
  • Close As Spam - to close the case as Spam.
  • View Last Conversation - to show you the last message preview.

The Get Next Task > button allows you to open and fetch the next task in your queue if push next feature is enabled.