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Customize Portal Menu

The default portal menu of Cora OpsManager arrives with both Cora SeQuence and Cora OpsManager. 

If your organization use only Cora OpsManager, you may remove the Cora SeQuence items from the menu.

To remove Cora SeQuence,

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\PNMsoft\Shared Resources\Components\Flowtime\Config\Portal\Commands, on your system.
  2. Edit the OpsCenter.xml to comment the following tags:
    <MenuItem Id="OpsCenterSequence" Command="OpsCenterSequenceCommand" Text="Sequence" Tooltip="Sequence" ></MenuItem>
  3. Make Cora OpsManager as default page:
    1. Go to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Flowtime.
    2. Edit Web.config file.
    3. Search for <defaultDocument>. 
    4. Remove or comment all related lines, and leave this line: <add value="Default.aspx" /> uncommented.
    5. Go to IIS > SeqWeb.
    6. Click Content view tab.
    7. Right click Default.aspx.
    8. Select Switch to feature View.
    9. Click default.aspx that appears under Seqweb.
    10. Double click Http Redirect
    11. Select Redirect requests to this destination check box, and add /OpsCenter/Default.apsx in the field.
    12. In Set Status Code, select “Permanent Redirect (308)”.
    13. Click Apply, on the right side menu.
    14. Reset IIS.