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Modify General Settings in Cora OpsManager

In Cora OpsManager, the out-of-the-box (OOTB) general settings are available to power users on General Settings tab under Ops Manager Admin. Settings made through this tab are in sync with the respective lookup tables on Admin console. Any changes made here are updated accordingly in the lookup tables.

To make general settings:

  1. Go to Flowtime > Ops Manager Admin > General Settings

  2. On General Settings page, make the required changes.

Case Assignment Method

In this section, select one of the three radio button options to chose how a new case is assigned to an operator. 

  • All cases are available to all operators: makes the case available to all the operators in a team.
  • Assign to the least busy person in the team: assigns the case to the least busy operator in the team.
  • Push one by one: assigns the case one by one to all the operators.

You may choose to hide this section from the General Settings page by making changes in PlatformConfig lookup. For details, see the Modify PlatformConfig Lookup article.

Priority Based on Subject-line

In this section, add, edit or delete the subject line keywords based on which the priority of a Case will be set. This is applicable for all the new and existing cases created via email.

To add new subject line keyword, 

  1. Click Add new subject word
  2. Fill in the Sort Order and the keyword.
  3. Choose the Priority from list. 
  4. Click  to save the record.

For a Case, the priority set based on the subject-line is considered over the priority set in the Configuration Set. 

To edit an existing record, click the edit icon . Click the delete icon  to delete an existing record.

QC Stage

In this section, make QC stage settings that are applicable on a case in QC. 

  • QC task blocks case completion: select this check box to make QC task block the case completion.
  • Case returns to Originator if QC stage fails: select this check box to return the case to the same operator (who has sent the case to QC), if QC stage fails.

Pending Closure Period

This section allows you to set the number of days for which a case will stay in Pending Closure state before getting closed. 


In this section, add new and edit the existing priorities and set importance flag for them. 

To add new priority:

  1. In the priorities section, click + Add New Priority.
  2. Add Name.
  3. Click  to save changes or click  to discard changes. 

Select the Highlight check box to turn on the importance flag in the grid on Flowtime, for some particular priority.

To edit an existing priority, click edit icon for the record. Make the changes, and click .


In this section, select the Enable country field check box to display the Country field on Case Details page. 

On selecting the check box, the list of already added countries is displayed in a grid. You may add new countries to the list using + Add New Country.