SharePoint Upload Document Activity Overview


Use the Upload Document Activity to upload a document to a SharePoint document library as part of a dynamic workflow.

IMPORTANT: The SharePoint library type must be document library.

Wizard Tips

  • Since folders in the SharePoint site can have different permissions then the hosting site, you must set security credentials in the wizard (in addition to the activity's connections setting). Select UploadDocument and make sure that you do not select None as the Credential Type.
  • There are several options for defining the file parameter.
    • AttachmentFileSource: select a file from a form attachment. If you select this option, configure the following parameters:
      • AttachmentId
      • Filename
    • BinaryFileSource: select a file from a binary file. If you select this option, configure the following parameters:
      • Content
      • Filename
  • To set list items:
    • Verify that the column exists in the SharePoint list.
    • In the Upload Document bindings page, select FieldValues and set the Length property to the count of the columns you want to update.
    • Assign each list item with the following FieldValue_x value:
      • Name: the InternalName of the field. You can use the SHP client browser tool to find this name. This parameter is case sensitive.
      • Value: the object tree or the three dot button. The datasource field should be empty.
  • The Site URL parameter is optional. If you populate this parameter, you can dynamically determine the target site when you execute the activity. The credentials you entered must be valid for the calculated site.
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