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  1. Expression Samples

    View sample scenarios, their expressions, and return value type.
  2. Exception 'Resource not found for the segment 'XXX'' when calling OData Service

    When you call a Cora SeQuence OData service, the exception Resource not found for the segment 'XYZ' displays in the Event Viewer and Fiddler.
  3. Cora SeQuence 8.3 Release Notes

    Cora SeQuence8.3 facilitates broader integration capabilities, brand new analytics and dashboards to manage and gain insight into your environment, and role-based workflow security assignment
  4. Introduction to BPM and Cora SeQuence

    This module is designed for newcomers to the world of business process management. We recommend that you complete the module in order, as some later topics require knowledge gained from previous topi
  5. API Reference

  6. Exception 'Bad Request - Error in query syntax' when calling OData Service

    When you call a Cora SeQuence OData Service, it does not respond, and the exception 'Bad Request - Error in query syntax' displays in Event Viewer and Fiddler.
  7. Defining Controls

    Learn how to create, implement, and manipulate controls in Cora SeQuence forms.
  8. Analytics Overview

    The Analytics feature provide developers and administrators visual insight into the solutions they build.
  9.  App Studio and Dual View Overview

    Learn the basics of using App Studio to design and create dynamic workflows.
  10. Database Structure

    This is an overview of the Cora SeQuence database for reporting purposes. This information focuses on the major tables and fields, it is not exhaustive.