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  1. Case Management Solution Overview

    With a solution, you can group together all workflows and artifacts related to a case. With shared artifacts, you can create a powerful case management solution with a master workflow and a set of to
  2. Manage Lookup Tables

    A lookup table is a query type that you connect to a data model when defining a Form. They are tables with lookup values that you can use to in various several controls, such as combo boxes, option g
  3. Working with Forms

    Use forms in dynamic workflows to collect predefined information from users.
  4. Cora SeQuence Authentication Methods

    List of authentication protocols and methods supported by Cora SeQuence.
  5. Cora SeQuence Release Notes

    12 FEBRUARY 2019 This is an update for Cora SeQuence V8.7, which include the fix detailed below. Resolved issues Email Listener jobs that were configured with redundancy did not work properly. Update steps Updating from V8.7.0.2 Back up you...
  6. Working with Variables

    Variables are a powerful feature that enable you​​​​​ to easily expose data to end users, and manage dynamic flow using gateway conditions. There are two types of variables, global and loca
  7. Active Directory Connection Settings

    The Active Directory (AD) connection is written with LDAP syntax, and you define the connection from the Administration site. This procedure describes how to change the default AD settings. In our ex
  8. Cora SeQuence 8.7 Release Notes

    Cora SeQuence 8.7 introduces a new and more intuitive look and feel for the Flowtime website. The new release also provides performance improvements, expanded support to 3rd-party applications, and additional credentials methods.
  9. Configure Cora SeQuence for SAML 2.0 Authentication

    SAML 2.0 is an XML-based protocol that uses security tokens containing assertions to pass information about a principal (usually an end user) between a SAML authority, named an Identity Provider, and
  10. Cora SeQuence Release Notes

    6 February 2019 This is an update for Cora SeQuence V8.6, which includes the following resolved issue. Resolved issue The Email Listener activity configured with the EWS protocol fetched emails in LIFO order (Last In, First Out) instead of FIFO o...