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Updated Articles

  1. Configuring Kafka Producers and Subscribers

    Configure a messaging mechanism using Apache Kafka service.
  2. Configuring Elasticsearch Service

    Configure the Case Search and Change Tracking in the database.
  3. Setting Up Search for a Hot Operations Solution

    Set up Case Search for a Hot Operations solution.
  4. Cora SeQuence 9.3 Release Notes

    Cora SeQuence V9.3 continues to improve system performance by expanding its scalability capabilities. You can now have as many JES instances as required running the same Service Bus Listener or Kafka Subscriber job. The new release also introduces new session management features. The Search feature, previously available only for Hot Operations, is now available for any workflow.
  5. Cora SeQuence Platform Support Matrix

    Check which operating systems, web browsers, and other systems are supported in each Cora SeQuence version.
  6. Service Bus Listener activity

    Azure Service bus activity provides a powerful messaging mechanism to integrate your workflow with other applications or services.
  7. PowerShell Function: Get-CoraSeQuenceSite

    Parameters of the Get-CoraSeQuenceSite PowerShell function.
  8. PowerShell Function: Get-CoraSeQuenceService

    Parameters of the Get-CoraSeQuenceService PowerShell function.
  9. Service Bus Consumer activity

    Configure the Service Bus Consumer activity.
  10. PowerShell Function: ConvertTo-CoraSeQuenceEncryptedString

    Parameters of the ConvertTo-CoraSeQuenceEncryptedString PowerShell function.