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  1. Manage User Profile

    On the User Profile page, you can view the list of all the groups associated to you along with the role(s) assigned to you in respective groups, and add your personalized signatures for email communications. To access the User Profile page, follow ...
  2. Migrating from Previous Versions to Cora SeQuence V9.x

    Migrating path from previous versions to V9.0
  3. Cumulative List of Breaking Changes

    Cumulative list of breaking changes starting with Cora SeQuence V8.1.
  4. Deploying Cora SeQuence V9.0 Applications

    Describes how to deploy Cora SeQuence V9.0 applications.
  5. System Actions for a Case

    Available System Actions for a Case.
  6. Define keywords to set Case Priority based on Subject Line

    How to define keywords to set Case Priority based on Subject Line?
  7. Create Organization Address Book

    How to create organization address book?
  8. OOTB Reports in Cora OpsManager

    List of OOTB Reports in Cora OpsManager
  9. Customize Business Rules in Cora OpsManager

    How to customize business rules in Cora OpsManager?
  10. Add Custom Action

    How to add custom actions?