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Updated Articles

  1. PowerShell Function: Add-CoraSeQuenceFilesStorageConfiguration

    Parameters of the Add-CoraSeQuenceFilesStorageProvider function.
  2. Add Configuration Set Properties

    How to define/add Configuration Set properties?
  3. Add Custom Action

    How to add custom actions?
  4. Remove the New Request button from Case

    How to remove the New Request button from Case?
  5. Headers

    Learn how to build a header for a REST API call.
  6. Migrate Attachment Files to New Storage Location

    Set up a JES job to migrate files from the Cora SeQuence database to a new file storage location.
  7. Cora SeQuence 9.2 Release Notes

    Cora SeQuence V9.2 introduces the following features and improvements: ability to dynamically expose REST services as an integral part of your workflows, expanded integration capability with Apache Kafka, Hot Operations case search, the choice to store and migrate binary files outside of the Cora SeQuence database, create a PDF that includes data from web forms. Usability features and improvements include the ability to personalize grid display and save the view for future use.
  8. Cora SeQuence Platform Support Matrix

    Check which operating systems, web browsers, and other systems are supported in each Cora SeQuence version.
  9. Kafka Cluster Minimum Requirements

    Minimum requirements to integrate Apache Kafka with Cora SeQuence.
  10. Create a HotOperations Solution

    HotOperations solutions include additional, unique elements, which form the basis of a case management and work optimization application. In addition to the artifacts included in generic solutions, H