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  1. Cora SeQuence 8.8 Release Notes

    Cora SeQuence V8.8 introduces new integration activity features, performance improvements, and improved user experience.
  2. Cora SeQuence 8.8.3 Release Notes

    03 OCTOBER 2019 This is an update for Cora SeQuence V8.8.2. This update includes a feature enhancement and resolved issues.  Feature enhancement SAML authentication now supports advanced scenarios where the sign in URL contains parameters in...
  3. Cora SeQuence 9.1 Release Notes

    Cora SeQuence provides tools for faster and easier deployment process, capability to sign workflows, and introduces usability improvements Flowtime and Hot Operations menus.
  4. Configure Database Connection Redirection to Enable Read-Only Queries

    Configure the ApplicationIntent property to enable read-only database queries.
  5. Performance Counters

    Description of Cora SeQuence performance counters
  6. PowerShell Function: Set-CoraSeQuenceExternalResourcesLocation

    Parameters of the Set-CoraSeQuenceExternalResourcesLocation PowerShell function.
  7. External Resources folder

    Set up an external folder to store external objects used in workflows, such as Json files, JavaScript files, CSS files, or images.
  8. Configure the Flowtime Website

    You can customize the pages to comply with your organization's branding policies, add or edit existing pages, set up functionality that fit existing processes, and configure new menus and submenus.
  9. PowerShell Function: Set-CoraSeQuenceSharedConfigurationLocation

    Parameters of the Set-CoraSeQuenceSharedConfigurationLocation PowerShell function.
  10. Signed Workflows

    Sign your workflow to make sure that no one can make changes to it.