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Updated Articles

  1. Create Organization Address Book

    How to create organization address book?
  2. Configure workflow persistence

    How to configure workflow persistence buffer size.
  3. Implement Client-Side and Server-Side Code

    Add client-side code or server-side code to extend form functionality.
  4. Cora OpsManager 2.0.1 Release Notes

    Cora OpsManager Release Notes 2.0.1
  5. Add or Modify Priorities

    How to add or edit priorities in Cora OpsManager?
  6. Define QC Stage Settings

    How to define QC stage settings?
  7. Modify PlatformConfig Lookup

    How to make general settings in Cora OpsManager?
  8. Cora SeQuence Release Notes

    Update for Cora SeQuence V8.8.1, which includes fixes to product issues.
  9. Cora OpsManager 2.0 Release Notes

    Cora OpsManager Release Notes 2.0
  10. REST Consumer Activity Overview

    Use the REST Consumer Activity to invoke a method exposed by a RESTful Web service. Your workflow can then interact with this method and its data.